Sometimes writing can save your live, or rather your sanity

Yeah I know we’ve all been there, and it will all pass eventually, but I still feel the need to vent about my recent heartbreak, and how I will live through this. Especially that last part, cause right now I feel like insanity is taking over and I’m about to throw myself into a ball and never stand up again. Not good. And I can only imagine my friends getting a bit tired already about my constant, endless cries of ‘but whyyyyyyy, whyyyyyyy… ‘*insert lots of whining*. Man, even my cats start to hate my hysterical behaviour, or at least it seems so by the way they are completely avoiding me lately. So it is for the best I start writing in a place where nobody knows me, and nobody cares. Or do care, that would be great too. Cause like I said, you all know what I’m talking about.

So last couple of days in short. No problems at all, well at least I wasn’t aware. Then an email (yeah, classy, I know), then 3 days of not eating, crying, no sleep, mad cats cause I forgot to feed them, endless phonecalls to friends and family, lots of cigs (I quit 5 months ago damnit!) and wine. Oh and more crying ofcourse. I suddenly forgot everything I learned in yoga and meditation classes, being mindfull, b-r-e-a-t-h-e and such. Just your typical hysterical mess. And that should change. So I decided to start this.

Feel welcome to read, whine and share. But do NOT CALL THE EX!!


3 thoughts on “Sometimes writing can save your live, or rather your sanity

  1. we always find bumps in our way of life and a lot of them is because of the broken heart, but in the end of surviving, this makes us stronger, makes us see the beauty of our lives, feel more and think more clear.

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