Bit of a break down

I swear, most of the time I’m a really normal, calm and sensible woman. Really. No freaky stuff going on in my head. But now there’s not much left of that. Temporary, promised! It’s just that my friends are busy, cause they have lives ofcourse, and now even my therapist decides to get get sick on me. So I can’t talk to anyone but myself. And cause I don’t wanna start harassing random strangers on the street I will rant some more over here. No one reads it anyway (see, you all hate me too lol).

So I went out. And spent good money, which I should have spent on food, on some way too expensive eye cream. Cause hell, my swollen and wrinkled eyes could sure use some TLC right now. Over to the cigarshop, the owner still recognized me ofcourse, it wasn’t that long ago I came by every day. Had the usual social talk and then cried my eyes out over the counter. Nice one Jos! Way to go for sure.

But then a wonderful moment.. I started to get hungry. Completely new feeling as of last Friday. So straight to the store, and now I’m enjoying this:

Tosti! White bread and cheese. No ham, just lots and lots of cheese. And mayonaise. My body needed that after 4 days.


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