Sometimes the shit comes down so hard..

you have to wear a hat! Can you tell I’m getting slightly neurotic at the moment? Need to go out, do something, talk to people, but the greater part of me just wants to chainsmoke, curl up and cry my eyes out. And drink ofcourse. And read all the old emails in which he told me he loved me. And read them again. And then the emails in which he broke it up, trying to find some logic reason for that. And don’t find one ofcourse. It’s just a plain evil trick of life, to let you get deeply hurt by the one person you love the most. Or should that be yourself? Well the second most then.

If I’m up to it I might try the gym tonight. But then I should eat a bit more than two raspberries and a few pomegranate seeds. Out for now, maybe a new lipstick will cheer me up. Have to steal it though, cause haven’t found a job yet!


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