How a good morning turned out not so good

So I woke up this morning, after I actually slept through the whole night. Instead of waking at 3 and playing Wordfeud (add me, josjaa is the name, I’m addicted!) for hours. So I rolled over, grabbed my phone to check my ongoing competitions, and wow, new email. Guess who it came from? Yeah… The One Whose Name Shall Never Be Mentioned Again. Can’t even describe the mix of feelings that came over me, let’s just say it was pretty rotten. I felt a bit like this:

What he wanted? You know, clearing his conscience and getting rid of guilt I guess. It  read ‘Hi Jos’, which actually hurt me the most, as last week I was still the love of his life. Not sure what I will be doing, need to think about that. Keep you posted.

For now, a new episode of Sons of Anarchy to cheer me up. Another great show I discovered last year. Was trying to get over the first heartbreak and played Evony all night long. My alliance buddies told me about this show, and been hooked ever since. If I ever get a new man, I want it to be this one:

Tig and me, chainsmoking away, cruising around on his Harley. Well a girl can dream right?


3 thoughts on “How a good morning turned out not so good

  1. I knew you would love the show. Lol 🙂 keep your head up hun. You know that we all love ya still ❤ xoxoxo forget about him. He doesn't deserve you.

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