What he really was saying

Okay, neurotic me has been going over this email again and again. As expected. And I think I figured out what he really was saying. I mean I don’t think he is that interested in explaining the ‘why’ to me, to give me some form of comfort.

No no, what he really meant was something like this:

Hi Jos,

You know, my ma told me it was kinda harsh to dump you by email. Twice. And you still have my laptop. And clothes. And I don’t want you to burn them cause then I will loose all my saved games. And the one pair of good shoes I own.Β  And I feel a bit bad cause my ma and friends think I’m an asshole for the mail thing, so if you could be so kind to show me some redemption? Then I can party away freely this weekend. And get my stuff back.

Thank you and goodnight.


7 thoughts on “What he really was saying

  1. I’m generally a nice person, but by email, yes I think I’d delete those game stats! Sounds like his mom thinks he’s a jerk. Wishing you much happiness with a “Mr. Right” who is just around the corner waiting to meet you!

    • Thank you, I thought the days of breaking up by mail, text message, post it or whatever were behind me at my age, but I guess not. Just a new opportunity to learn and grow πŸ™‚

  2. I’ve read this three times now and I can’t stop laughing. I know it isn’t funny at all, because most of it’s true, I’m afraid, but you’ve put it in the exact right words πŸ™‚ You go girl! X

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