Thoughts on stillness

Resolution 1 is done. Took out the zafu and sat. I figured that as I am eeeh a tiny bit emotional at the moment I should listen to one of Bernie Clarks sessions. Not only has the man the most calming voice ever, he also says some really intelligent things. Check him out if you can

So I sat. Closing my eyes was too much at first, in some weird way I couldn’t surrender to that. And it’s kinda difficult focussing on breathing when you are trying hard not to choke on your tears 🙂  But after a while, as I knew would happen, I just sat, in stillness. And for one tiny little moment it was all good.

Oh, to brighten up this day even more, I went out and noticed an eviction notice at the front door. Thought wow, that is fast, I’m not that much behind on rent. Turned out is was for one of my neighbours. Lucky me. And ofcourse I do feel bad for the neighbour, I’m not that heartless.


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