Inspiration, or why you should lift

Unfortunately I finished only one of my resolutions yesterday. No yoga, no gym and also had more than one glass of wine. I’m not sure if it’s okay to be broken down and feel sorry for myself, or that it has been enough and I am some pathetic loser who cannot move on with her life. I mean, it’s been a week now and all. I can only imagine my friends getting sick of my whining. Hell am getting sick of myself!

On with today. I AM going to the gym tonight. Don’t know about other people but working out has always been the thing to keep me sane. The sounds of plates being loaded on the bar, the way a gym smells, the dedication in people’s eyes. The thrill when looking at the loaded bar, no excuses, I am going to get you off the ground no matter what.

Someone else expresses this awesome feeling way better than me by the way:

Have been training 4 day split for the last months, so after this week of rest it might be a good time for a new routine, anyone tried HST? Sounds interesting, read a bit more about it here:


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