Rendang and yoga

So far this Saturday has been pretty good, Well the odd panic attack aside. As I figured they are coming back, hard, which is not strange as I’ve been stressing out like crazy over the last week. By typing away like crazy om FB I seem to be able to calm myself down. A bit of Valium helps too. But that was another habit I had quit a few months ago.

Went to the gym last night and had a nice little full body session. Just two exercises for every body part, and I hadn’t even lost much strength, cool. Today I went out shopping early for groceries, as I am making rendang for dinner tonight. Comfort food for me. On the stove now for at least three hours, and the house smells wonderful. I like mine hot, and I was able to score rawits on the market, so my tears tonight will be from the food, instead of the other thing. Tried a new recipe and will make sure to copy it here if it turns out good!

Managed to do my first yoga session too, just a 20 minute flow with the awesome Miss Shiva Rea. I love her, her style and flow are amazing. Was sooooo good to stretch again, and feel my body open up a bit more.

So a good day today, I needed that. Having a friend over for dinner so now time for shower and make up. Hope you all are having a wonderful relaxing weekend.


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