As time goes by

One would think that with time passing, you would feel better. But not really. Having a shitty day today, woke up crying and haven’t stopped since. Went out for groceries anyway, and probably looked like some freak with tears streaming and foundation falling of my face. Think it’s a combination of missing someone so bad, and the fact that I keep getting rejections from my job applications. The Universe is really rubbing that rejection in my face.

On the positive site, I eat (not much but hey), I work out (nothing hardcore but it’s something) and I sleep (a few hours, then Wordfeud again). I haven’t called  or emailed the ex and made a complete fool of myself by repeatedly yelling ‘but whyyyyyyyyy’. And I go out to see friends. I even laughed again when playing with my friends’ little girl. Even though the story I read her was about, yeah you guessed right, Rejection. I did ask the Universe if she wants to teach me a lesson that bad 🙂

So that’s my little update, off to the gym now. Oh, and I do still smoke. But having the last cig this Sunday.


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