Some good, some bad

Let’s start with the bad; working out twice daily failed miserably today. I’m sick, and in bed. Combination of a very emotional day yesterday, and too much wine later at night. No match. Especially when there’s not much food in your stomach to begin with. So me and the toilet are having a very close relationship today. Not good, especially cause now I can’t do anything but stay in bed, with way too much time to, yeah you guessed it, think and cry. Cause yes, I’ve been stupid and contacted him. And you know it’s just pure sadism to do that, because you desperately want to hear something you know you won’t. That, and a conversation with my bank that didn’t go too well might explain my drinking a bit more than I should have. 

On a way more cheery note now, cause there is some good (actually, awesome!) news as well. I got a job interview next Monday! I need that job more than anything right now. What a relief to go out every day and work with people, do something useful, and most of all, getting paid again. That would solve a lot of the current troubled state of affairs.

So, that’s it for now, some good, some bad. It’s time for bed again, need to get well for early morning cardio. If only my heart would heal as fast as my body.


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