New pose

This is Megan Walker, from Damn Good Yoga,  in Eka Pada Koundinyasana. And doing it damn near perfect I must say. By the way, am I too stupid to edit those links or just blind and not seeing the edit button?

Told you a few days ago that my current state of mind seems to fuel my practice, and it sure keeps on doing so. Cause yesterday I managed this pose as well. Only a few seconds, but in those seconds I felt like I was flying! Arm balances are extremely invigorating, make you feel like you can do anything you want. It’s a combination of balance and strength, but it’s especially about letting go of fear (fear of falling on your face and breaking your nose that is). And the last couple of days my balances are getting better and better.

As for my backbends, well, let’s not mention those. Cause opening my heart is a bit more difficult these days.

PS: thanks Jochem, you were right 🙂 You see, link works now!


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