40 minutes half lotus

Can be quite painful, noticed that last night in meditation group. I used to practice on my own but lately I can’t seem to find the focus and drive. So I started looking around on the internet and found out that there’s a group of people organising weekly meditation sessions in their homes. And there was one last night, right around the corner. And, more important, free! Cause no job = no money.

So I emailed the lady who is so kind to let complete strangers sit in her house for an hour, and I was welcome to join. Now let me tell you something, 20 minutes is easy. After 30 minutes in half lotus, your body is loudly saying no no no, get up and stretch! But I managed the whole 40 minutes. Awesome experience to just sit and be still with other people, people you don’t know, but are there for the same reason you are. Just be silent, and find inner stillness. On my bike ride home, I felt a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long time. So next week I’ll be going again.


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