I can’t dance

Cause I just scared the sh*t out of my cat while dancing around the room. He freaked out and is now hiding in the litter box. Little bastard! It’s been a while since I danced, used to love it. When I was young I trained to be a classical dancer, but at age 14 I got into my Madonna phase, and refused to take off my 30 bracelets for class. Teacher wasn’t fond of my wild hair either, which I of course refused to put in a neat little bun. An even though I danced my ass off in the solo at the yearly show, and was training en pointe until my toes bled every night, they still kicked me out of ballet school. End of my ballet career.

Tried a few jazz classes after that, but it didn’t do as much for me as classical. I guess it has to do with alignment, which is what I love so much in yoga right now. That, and strict technique, hence my love for Ashtanga. Seems I’m not a freestyle girl 🙂

But anyway, I heard this song tonight, and danced like I used to do. Bowie never lets me down.


2 thoughts on “I can’t dance

  1. maybe you should try more of a modern dance, a kind of twist of everything into one. it can be a little bit of everything, timed, and a great way to burn off some steam????

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