New week

Monday morning, went to bed at 9 last night so up early this morning. I promised myself to stop smoking again today, cause yesterday  I smoked almost 3 packs (oh my god..) and my throat hurts like hell. But then of course my laptop wouldn’t start and I freaked out. And smoked.. How stupid was I to pick up this disgusting habit again? Not the mention the fortune it costs, good money i can also spend on things like the rent. So please please please, give me the strength to quit again. Today!

Had a great Sunday (well except for the smoking),  friend came over and he brought me a very cute goodie bag, or ‘get over a break up’ bag, with wine, cigs (hmm..), chocolate, tissues, and some funny books on getting older and how stupid men really are. Was good to have someone around to laugh with. Cause I miss that the most. Just someone around to talk to, and to laugh with. Living alone hasn’t been my thing. Come to think of it, haven’t been alone for the last 20 years. What is it in being alone that I hate so much. Not sure, but it might be some sign that I don’t particularly like myself. Or at least I don’t find myself very nice company. Well, some more stuff to think about.

So plans for today. Yoga of course and gym later tonight. Saying goodbye to cigarettes again. Start working on promoting myself as freelancer by making a website. Find some free and easy software to build this site. Do some more job hunting. And I think that’s enough for this day.


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