Anger management and romance novels

So, I flipped out a bit last night. Came home, and suddenly became so angry I smashed some plates against the wall. Poor cats were terrified. Dindn’t even help to release some of my anger, if only I had the money to take up kickboxing again. Now that was awesome stress relief. I miss those hours of boxing a lot. Felt good to kick those bags really hard, even though I came home with bruises on my shins. Oh the joy of putting an icepack on, I miss it. Could hardly walk after my first class but never felt better than when punching the bag for an hour. So please please please, let me start earning some money soon so I can get back.

On the money front, I started looking around for freelance jobs, writing, editing and translating. So I wrote a few people in publishing, and one of them send me a few pages to translate. Unpaid, but if it is good I might get some steady income out of it. Which I need. Bad. So off to do some work now, translating a romance novel. Not a subject I prefer right now but hey, I’ll get over that!


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