So last night was the night I’ve been dreading for a while. Ex came over to pick up his stuff. Couldn’t even watch him going through the closet and throwing stuff in his bag, too painful. And even though I promised myself I would stay calm, of course I did not and threw out all of my anger. I hated to hear myself yell at him, but I just needed to let him know that the way he ended this is just not done, no way, to no one.

I can’t even recall everything that was said, lets just say it ended with both of us on the couch, crying. For something we both wanted so much to work. Sometimes love really is not enough, and no, it doesn’t conquer everything.

He left, and I went with him to pick up some cigarettes (yeah, I know, sorry). And after that he gave me back my keys. Cut the last cord. So I turned, and ran the way back home. The end.


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