Not much to tell

So, it’s been a few days. Not much to tell, still no job but I do have a good feeling about the translation I was working on. Emailed it last Friday so fingers crossed the editor likes it as well. Had 4 awesome women over yesterday whom I never met before, and we had a great time. We met on a forum, and after a few weeks of chatting we decided we should meet up. So they came to my house for lunch and dinner. Five women in my tiny little apartment, trying to cook a decent dinner in this little space, it was fun.

And then this morning I found out that ex not only took a piece of my heart, but also my shampoo and conditioner. And my wax. Now that was just plain evil. The heart okay.. but keep your greedy little hands off my hair please.

Not much to tell for now, I hate this cheesy saying but I have to use it now, I feel empty. Not much energy, or creativity left. And I don’t like that state very much. So it better pass asap.


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