This time of the year makes me reminisce a lot. Well, this time of the year and the fact that  I have all the time in the world of course. It’s strange that every stupid store I pass, every tune I hear, or even movie I see, everything reminds me of the earlier times, when everything was so different. When I was happy. I keep hanging on to those memories, cause there aren’t any new, happier memories to fill their place. Which makes me wonder why I can only be happy when there’s someone else in my life. It’s almost as if I haven’t got reasons to exist on my own. Which is of course really stupid, cause if you don’t love yourself how can you blah blah blah you know the drill. Also, I found out, it’s never good to let someone else play too big a part in your life, Cause when it falls apart, you have nothing left.

Anyway, some positive things (besides that I haven’t contacted ex for two weeks), my arm balances are going amazingly well! Can hold most of the poses for much longer, without falling on my face. I still smoke, and a lot too, but I picked a new stopping date and that will be tomorrow night, Starting the dreaded December month without cigs. And I have a second interview tomorrow, so I could use all your positive energy. Light candles, say a prayer, anything 🙂 Kickboxing classes are amazing, so good for letting go of some stress, well at least for an hour. And yesterday I had a great workout at the gym, for the first time in weeks. Oh, and the editor loved my first article, too bad it isn’t getting paid though.


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