Another new year

Yes, I know, it has been a while. Mainly because I didn’t have anything new or even positive to talk about. And why bother people with endless crying and whining. No, I haven’t found a job yet, yes, I still mourn my lost love, and yes, I still have financial troubles and I also still smoke.

But I figured, at least I can try to make some positive changes. So some things I took up again:

– no more coffee or diet coke, that caffeine is aggravating my panic attacks

– daily meditation, at least 15 minutes

– daily yoga, preferably the Ashtanga Primary Series

– cut back on meat and start to eat more raw food, maybe vegan even

– get my exercise routine back on track, that is if I can still afford the gym

– cut back on smoking and quit as soon as I feel like I’m able too

Let’s see how that goes. It’s hard, really really hard, but as the saying goes, at least I can fake it till I make it.


One thought on “Another new year

  1. You can do it Jos. Keep your head up and shoulders back. Nothing wrong about still feeling hurt over a break up, but don’t let it hold you down too long. Oh, and one more thing to add to your list… Smile at least once a day, even if you don’t want to…. 🙂

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