Yes yes, still doing good with the resolutions. Daily yoga and meditation, although I skipped Wednesday cause I went out to lunch, which ended with lots of wine and bed at 8.00. Oh but I did manage to get in some morning meditation. Gym two times, not too bad, although I skipped the third workout today, cause I woke up with a huge zit on my face. And yes, I’m vain like that and didn’t want to go out. Instead I attacked the little (?!) bastard with aspirin masks and aloe vera all day. First full Primary of the week today, and it went really well. Amazing to see how much I am still progressing. My jump backs still suck though 🙂 And I fell flat on my face when trying to straighten my legs in side crow yesterday. But hey, that’s the fun in practice.

What else, oh yes, tonight I will smoke my last ever cigarette. I’m sick of it, really. My house stinks, my clothes, my hair, my skin is a mess and even my cat’s pretty white coat is turning yellow. At least I think it does. So I’m done. And it’s gonna be damn hard, but I must do this. Cause I am basically killing myself with this habit. I like to think that my practice is giving me enough strength to get through this. This time for good.


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