About me

So, about me. Somewhere in my forties, but I prefer to stay 35 forever. No kids, and as of recently no man either. I do have two cats though, one very old girl who does nothing but sleep and eat (and sometimes pee on the wooden floor), and a little man who hates me so much that he actually pushes me away with his paws whenever I try to pick him up. Lucky me.

Used to work in advertising, then tried teaching for a year. Now I’m in between jobs, which is not good at all cause I have way too much free time to whine and cry.

I love yoga, lifting weights and kickboxing. And I WIIL stop smoking again, I promise, just a temporary relapse.

Oh one more thing, I will find out how to add pics and other little lay out things later, I promise. For now, sorry for the boring lay out.

Oh yes, I live in Holland, so English is not my native language. Please don’t report me to the spelling police if I make a mistake 🙂



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